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Uniquely Designed Keepsake Album Collection

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Amy Carney has a passion for many things in life, but near the top of that list is family. Her desire to strengthen families moved her to create a brand focused on encouraging moms and dads throughout their parenting journeys.

Part of her work involves providing resources for family use. As such, Amy came to CōDRA with a dream to create a keepsake book in which parents could store photos and mementos from the lives of their children. But her book design was especially unique, as there were very few products on the market with her specific construction.

Wanting something more than a typical scrapbook, Amy desired to create something that would offer further flexibility. Her vision far surpassed a simple photo album, as well. She needed a custom solution, and CōDRA was the right partner to help her create it.

We worked with Amy to create a 25 page accordion-style piece that stretches into a single sheet of paper. The design was beautiful, but production was tricky due to the need for high quality paper that would last for years to come. We worked with Amy to narrow down the paper choices to a high quality, wood free, acid free paper that would provide the right surface for customers to attach their family masterpieces.

The cover was also an adventure. Amy obviously wanted tones and textures that complimented her brand, but she also wanted options that were friendly for the environment. These materials are more difficult to find, but CōDRA was able to provide eco-friendly polyurethane materials that met Amy’s high quality standards to match her brand.

Finally, adding a gorgeous satin ribbon on the side for closure, debossing on the front cover, and a clamshell style box, Amy’s You Are Loved keepsake collection came together flawlessly, and has enabled her to provide a generational keepsake for her beloved customers. CōDRA is grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of building such a strong brand legacy and provide an incredible product for her clientele.


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