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Bible design and printing is an important and complicated process. But a well-designed Bible utilizing the right materials can be a treasure passed down for generations.  

Cover design and materials, layout, image choice, additional resources, font size and type, note-taking space, paper choice, and so many more variables come together to create the Bible you desire. 

You'll need to consider
—Design and Formatting


We can work from years of experience to help you create the one you need.




With over 35 years of experience, CōDRA Enterprises has coordinated thousands of custom book printing projects from start to finish. We understand that every detail of a book matters, from color to material to embellishments and everything in between.

Given the nature of the industry, we understand that in order to get the most stunning products, you need to be able to foresee potential problems and find the best solutions. Therefore, our team offers valuable feedback throughout the process to ensure you get the product that will elevate your brand. 

Working with some of the most sought after brands in the country has given us a wealth of knowledge in the printing industry, and we use that information to propel your brand to success.

Shipping Containers


Producing items overseas has incredible benefits, from cost advantages to specialized customization opportunities. Everything we print is produced at our plants in Asia from start to finish. They utilize the highest quality offset printing machines and ink that is top-of-the-line. Many of our relationships with these plants have been in place for 10+ years, creating long term trust and partnerships so we understand and can overcome issues quickly and create the best product for you as simply as possible!


Collaborate on your design.

Create a premium solution.

Enhance your brand.

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