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The Art of Etiquette

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Finding just the right manufacturing fit for your business is strenuous. Selecting a production company that understands the importance of small details on a product can be a struggle, which is exactly where The Art of Etiquette (AofE) found itself at the beginning of the process with CōDRA. Having gone through multiple rounds of testing with other printing partners to no avail, AofE came to Codra with a task and a dream.

When people dream of their wedding day, one of the most important words that come to mind is “vow.” Like an invisible string, vows knit together the hearts of people in love, tethering them together for a lifetime. The Art of Etiquette understands the significance of these vows and created an entire product line dedicated to preserving the integrity of that special moment at the altar to recognize all celebrations of love.

Product Story

To help bring this incredible product to life, CōDRA worked closely with AofE to find the right plant to ensure her products were of the highest quality. CōDRA was instrumental in helping to locate the finest fabrics, papers, and foils to uphold the luxury brand. Additionally, their expertise in packable design was of great value as AofE wanted to ensure a stellar first impression with a gift box to house their premium products.

The CōDRA team paid meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the process and has served as an extension to the AofE team to assist in creating the flawless look for the most discerning couples.


Let CōDRA help you design and manufacture the perfect product to delight your clientele. Contact us here.


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