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With all of the calendars available on devices that store all of your info on the cloud, many people believe printed calendars have gone the way of the dinosaur. But don't pay attention to their arguments, because calendars continue to be a huge seller. 

They're tactile. They're tangible. They're a valuable commodity for myriad people who value a physical product in their hands—and there are a lot of them. 

Calendars don't have to be the same ol' thing, as it were. You can be as creative as you want, changing up the design, formatting, extra resources, materials, setup, delivery, interactivity, etc.

Come on and let's be creative together to find the best product for your customers.
An experienced, collaborative, trusted partner can be a huge help. CōDRA is ready to help you enhance your brand and please your customers. 

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With over 35 years of experience, CōDRA Enterprises has coordinated thousands of custom planner printing projects from start to finish. We understand that every detail matters, from color to material to embellishments and everything in between.

Given the nature of the industry, we understand that in order to get the most stunning products, you need to be able to foresee potential problems and find the best solutions. Therefore, our team offers valuable feedback throughout the process to ensure you get the product that will elevate your brand. 

Working with some of the most sought after brands in the country has given us a wealth of knowledge in the printing industry, and we use that information to propel your brand to success.

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