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Custom Journal Solution for a Global Nonprofit

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Custom Journal for Nonprofit

The Voice of the Martyrs , one of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations supporting persecuted Christians, came to CōDRA with a singular goal—to create products that allow people everywhere to partner with persecuted Christians worldwide. From that desire, we partnered together to design and create a couple of different products to achieve their goal.

The first project, The Smuggler Band, which is a wristband featuring unique signature text patterns on both sides, was a brand-building product VOM chose to draw attention to its mission. CōDRA and VOM collaborated and iterated to develop a product that not only offered high-quality materials for the wearer that was durable and comfortable, but also served as a conversation starter for the meaning of the band. The Smuggler Hat soon followed.

The next project created a hallmark product for VOM. Seeking to redesign their Global Prayer Journal in a high-quality format, CōDRA worked diligently with VOM to sample numerous polyurethane leathers, testing each sample through multiple rounds of heat stamping at various pressures to create the perfect, eye-catching front logo.

The journal’s 4-color interior pages include information about each of the restricted nations and hostile areas where VOM serves persecuted Christians, as well as inspiring photos and blank journal pages that provide a smooth surface for journaling prayers for the people of those nations.

CōDRA is happy to have partnered with VOM to create a collection of products that showcases the heart of the brand and has become a source of connection with their partners and furthers the mission.


If you're ready to create brand-developing products that connect with your clientele and further your mission, CōDRA is the collaborative partner you need. Contact us here.


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