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Specialty Print

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Split Binding

This option is very popular in projects whose original prints are softcover projects and creators would like to consider a hardcover edition. It's is a very simple process, since the interior does not change, but it offers a custom feel by offering a second/limited edition version without sacrificing quality or adding redesign costs.

Split Cover Materials/Colors

This option is very popular in projects whose original prints have paper hardcovers and are interested in adding a different texture or color for their special edition. Our plants have many options for you to choose from when considering something other than the traditional paper cover. From Vegan Leather to Imported Chambray, the options to choose for a single print run are vast.

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Additional Materials_edited.jpg

Additional Materials

Adding multimedia materials to your project make it stand out from the competition. From popular options like boxes and ribbons to more unique options like an added CD, the possibilities are nearly endless. Adding additional materials and accessories to enhance and elevate your initial project can potentially be the easiest way to create value through a limited edition run.

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Accessories are another great way to market your product and provide a functional purpose for your customer. Accessory pouches to showcase your logo in either printed ink or foil stamping, stretchy bands to help hold planners, journals, and books together on the go, key chains, wrist bands, and many other options await your customization.  


Stationery products provide fun add-ons for your brand, and can also be a great way to boost sales and offer enticing promotions for your clients. Cards, stickers, pens, washi tape, and many other options—and they are all customizable, just for you!

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Gifts & Games

Customized wrapping paper, gift bags, gift tags, and other gift-related items are great ways to keep your brand in front of customers. And consider a board game or set of puzzles or playing cards based around your brand. These are all wonderful ways to keep your brand front-of mind with your clientele.  

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