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With nearly innumerable options available for your book, journal, planner, calendar, or other print product, the process can be overwhelming. CōDRA provides support and guidance—from design to shipping—and every step of order creation and fulfillment, so you'll never feel lost in the process. 

You can begin your journey through the printing process with this helpful information. Our "Printing 101" booklet will walk you through the process and outline important guidelines for your project.


We offer many sturdy, beautiful types of bookbinding that address both style and functionality. Finding the perfect option for your printing project will elevate your product!

Check out our options here.


Custom covers can set your product apart from the competition, and the materials you use are the foundation of that custom look and feel. We offer a number of options for your cover. 


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The cover of your book is incredibly important—people certainly do judge it that way, despite the old adage. But the place people will spend most of their time is inside the covers on the pages of written copy. That content will draw them in, but the pages themselves can enhance the experience.  

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End sheets are the pages at the beginning and end of hardcover books that are used to glue the text to the hardcover and grey board. Although its main purpose is to provide a strong adhesive to the cover and book block, its secondary purpose is to make the inside cover more presentable and cohesive with the interior text.

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Trim size denotes the final size of your printed product, like huge coffee table books or mini board books and everything in between. There are common sizes most often used for different kinds of books, but just about any size can be created. 

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Color is a key component of creating any compelling print product. Offset printing involves utilizing the CMYK format in which thousands of tiny dots are printed in layers to create a desired range of colors.

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Poly Bags or Shrink Wrap are great ways to package your product if you do not want to upgrade a box. We generally recommend choosing one of the items as the polybag or shrink-wrap can also act as a layer of protection against damage in transit. These are probably our least inexpensive options for packaging as well, making them a great economic option.

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Limited Edition versions of printed products often include new information not in the original version. They could also be specialty print runs with customizations for a specific purpose (e.g. 50th Anniversary run, Second Edition, Updated version, etc.)

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