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Blank Paper

Custom Paper Options

Wood Free Paper_edited.jpg

Wood Free

Wood Free paper is a bit of an oxymoron. It's not really wood free, It is simply free of a certain component of wood that makes it feel rough. This process is undertaken to keep the surface area of the paper  “writeable” and to prevent the paper from yellowing. This is the most basic level of paper and is excellent for such products as journals and coloring books.

Matte Art

Matte Art paper differs from Wood Free paper, in that there is a coating over what is otherwise “regular” paper. The matte coating is designed to create a smoother, more protected surface than wood free paper. We recommend this type of paper for printing images or text with heavy color.

Matte Art Paper_edited.jpg
Gloss Art Paper_edited.jpg

Gloss Art

For paper that shows off your beautiful colors the best, we recommend gloss art paper. It is the same paper as the matte art version, but the finish coating is glossy, in order to reflect color. This is commonly used in coffee table books or calendars—items that are photo and visual heavy. 

Alternative Custom Options

There are nearly endless options for custom paper types, and our mills can both match and import European and domestic paper (in certain order sizes). Don't hesitate to ask about custom paper options you've seen, and we'll do al we can to supply it. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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