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Gift Box


Custom packaging can help to shape the look, feel, and expectations of your print product. From very simple to completely custom solutions, packaging can be as unique as the product itself. 

Shrink wrap_edited.jpg

Poly Bags/Shrink Wrap

Poly bags or shrink wrap are great ways to package your product if you want to keep things simple. Either option can also act as a layer of protection against damage in transit. These are the least expensive options for packaging, making them just right for a more economic project.


A slipcase is a wonderful option for one book or journal, or multiple. They can be made with paper, greyboard, or fabric. A 1.5mm-4mm greyboard is used to create a firm case for larger book counts, which are then covered with either paper or fabric. 


Lower book counts may be housed in a slipcase created using matte art paper with matte lamination to create a smooth surface.


Fabric slipcases offer many options to choose from, including various weave patterns.

Adam Raccoon Set.jpg
2 Piece Box.jpg

Two-Piece Box

The two-piece box is the standard luxury gift box, consisting of a lid, tray, and tray liner. This option offers your customer the book and a keepsake box. Similar to the slipcase, a 1.5mm-2.5mm greyboard is used to construct the lid and tray and usually covered with matte paper and lamination. Fabric can be utilized, but can make corners on the lid too thick to close properly.

Clamshell Box

A clamshell design is a beautiful touch if you would like to go for the “treasure box” experience. This box design is one piece instead of two. The lid is attached to the tray so that it opens up like a treasure chest. It's also constructed of 1.5mm-3mm greyboard, depending on how sturdy it needs to feel. These boxes are also covered with matte paper and coating on the outside and use wood free paper for the inside tray liner.

Card Box 3.jpg
Wild Card Card Game_1.jpg

Slide-Out Box

Similar to the two-piece box, this item consists of dual components. Instead of a lid, however, there is an outer shell out of which the inner shell slides. This style of box is often used for card games and other smaller items. This product utilizes the same specs as the clamshell box.


Collaborate on your design.

Create a premium solution.

Enhance your brand.

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