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Custom End Sheets

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Print Considerations

Most commonly, end sheets either have no print, are printed with a solid color, or are printed with custom artwork that fits the theme of the book. CōDRA offers the print capability to keep your theme cohesive from end to end and throughout your book. 

Paper Considerations

Hardcover book end sheets are always made from uncoated and thick paper stock, which is slightly heavier than the paper used for the text pages. This helps to create the protective seal to the grey board on the cover and provides the aesthetic look for the interior. Although the primary function for end sheets is protection, treatments can be added to the sheets to accommodate colors and patterns.

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Full Color End Sheet_edited.jpg

Treatment Considerations

When considering full color or specific Pantone colors for your end sheets, considering oil varnish treatments to properly preserve the colors and printing. The recommended product for end sheet use is uncoated paper, which is often meant for black or no ink at all. Addition of oil varnish, however, assures the highest quality printing and colors without compromising the protective purpose of the end sheets.

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