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Printing Beautiful Custom Journals Overseas

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Taking your first step towards printing a new product can be a bit intimidating, especially if you're printing overseas. Uncertainty can cripple the process quickly, keeping you from developing products that can grow your business. Loveall Design Co. owner and founder Allison Loveall can relate to those struggles.

Known for her beautifully hand painted artwork on Bibles, notebooks, and stationery products, Loveall had a desire to transition her production to overseas printing, but felt overwhelmed with all the details that go into making the switch. CōDRA was able to walk her through the process on the very first call, which gave her peace of mind to develop a partnership with CōDRA and create custom journals for her business.

One of the biggest problems Allison faced was how to translate her signature hand painted floral designs into a cohesive format for mass printing. Allison's team, CōDRA, and our printing plant were able to work together to navigate the formatting issues and create print ready files. We also were able to collaborate on specifics of the design, including the color palette for head and tail bands for the journals.

During the proofing process, CōDRA’s resourceful production team noticed the propensity for some of the darker colored journals to show scratches, whereas the lighter colors did not. As a solution, CōDRA recommended adding soft touch lamination to the covers to provide a layer of coating and protection against scratches and marks.

Problem solved, and product improved and completed.

Small problems are bound to arise in the world of manufacturing, and the chances for problems are certainly higher when you add overseas production and shipping to the mix. The best thing you can do is avoid panic and lean into your trusted partner—brainstorm solutions based on experience and best practice and communicate well.

Throughout the printing process, CōDRA and Loveall Design Co. were able to collaborate on creative ways to tackle each challenge as it arose. In the end, Loveall Design Co. has created and manufactured a variety of cover designs and journal formats, which has left her customer’s pleased and excited for the next products.


Ready to create your next print product? Partner with CōDRA to design the right product to delight your customers and enhance your brand. Contact us here.

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