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Custom Book Binding

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Saddle Stitching

Saddle-stitching is the standard binding method for projects with a small page count, like magazines, calendars, and comic books. This stitching is where pages are folded and stapled all together to the cover.

Center Sewn 

Center sewn binding is a popular binding style for projects that have a larger page count than a magazine but still a smaller page count than the average book. This could be applicable to large journals, workbooks, and others products that require a larger trim size and need to increase the resilience of the binding.

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Perfect Binding_edited_edited.jpg

Perfect Binding

Perfecting Binding is the standard binding method for softcover books and paperbacks. This type of binding is achieved by gathering, folding, and gluing the papers to the cover, which creates the traditional square back that most softcovers have. Other options can be considered with the perfect binding to make a sturdier cover as well.

Case Binding

Case Binding is the technical name for the binding type that most hardcover books utilize. Pages are folded, gathered, and sewn into a case and glued together around grey boards. For protective and stylish purposes, extra pages (end sheets) are also glued in. Other options can be considered for more creative freedom.

Case Bound, Smythe Sewn, Lay-Flat_edited
Coptic Binding_edited_edited.jpg

Coptic Binding

Coptic Binding is a popular binding for hardcover books, boasting a unique design and functional properties because of exposed binding. The pages are sewn and glued together and adhered to grey board with a glued paper cover. Although not as well known as the typical casebound binding, it offers the same sturdy and lay flat functionality with unique looks and capabilities.

Board Book Binding

Board books are a well known style for infant and children’s books. They are comprised of pages printed on thick paper and glued directly onto grey board to create durable and easy-to-turn pages.

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Wire Binding_edited_edited.jpg

Wire Binding

Wire Binding is a popular binding style for books that are meant to be open constantly and with ease, such as a planner, calendar, or cookbook. The pages have punched holes along the binding side, through which wire is clamped to hold the pages together. This can be used for both hardcover and softcover options.

Spiral Binding

Spiral Binding is very similar to wire binding. The main difference is that the spiral used to bind the book together is plastic instead of wire. This binding offers many customized options that the wire binding might not.

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