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Printing the Right Calendar to Enhance Your Brand

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Print Calendar

One of the regular questions asked of successful people when interviewed concerns their daily routines. And some of their answers are fascinating, to say the least. Many very successful people wear the same clothes every day or eat the same thing for a given meal or set aside specific times for specific activities on a daily basis.

Scheduling can be tricky, but it's incredibly important to achieve success. And good tools can make it much simpler. One of the best and most used tools to help (and still one of the best selling print items for branding)?

You guessed it—the good old fashioned calendar.

It can be hard to reinvent an item that has been around for years for your brand. Here are a few variations that may spur some creativity for adding a twist to an otherwise typical item.

Pocket Calendar

CōDRA was able to design a calendar for one of our top clients a few years ago, and it was met with immediate success. We expanded the length of the calendar and added a pocket on the bottom of the backer board to store calendar-related items such as save the date notices, graduation announcements, or tickets in one location. That simple little hack was a hit, saving users hours and frustration from digging through drawers around the house to find lost items that were stored in a special spot for safe keeping. That pocket also added a perfect place for further branding to keep our client front and center with their customers.

Wooden Block

There are a number of different styles of print calendars from magnetic—to hang on the refrigerator—to desk calendars to those you can add to your planner. Some of the most creative calendars take a little different approach. One such option is to create large cards with a month on each one with a wooden block to act as a holder for the set. The beauty of working with a wooden block is that, done well, it can also double as a piece of wonderful decor within your home. An added benefit is that a well designed set of cards could provide is flexible sizing, depending on the needs and desires of your customers.

Sticky Back

People typically hang their calendars either in the office or in their kitchen—wherever there's space on the wall. But not everyone has the right spot for a calendar., and if they do, they may not want to poke holes in the wall just for that. A simple solution is an easily removable adhesive on the back of your calendar, which would allow the user to place the calendar on their fridge, bulletin board, or any other flat surface with the option to easily remove it without damage.

There are a million different ways to create calendars, so you can choose the right options or collaborate on something new and inventive to please your customers and grow your brand.


Ready for a collaborative partner to help you create an amazing calendar or other product to please your customers and enhance your brand? Contact us here, and let's create something great together.


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