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4 Print Products that Can Up Scale Your Brand

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

When brainstorming the best ways to build awareness for your brand, it’s hard to determine the best place to invest your time and resources. Digitally, there are many great opportunities online or through social media to get your brand noticed. But printed products remain one of the most surefire ways to keep your brand in front of your audience. Here are 4 products that could revolutionize your brand:


The past few years have seen an explosion in planner purchasing and expanded opportunities in the market. And since planners are generally used daily, your customer will be living life with your custom product, seeing it on a daily basis, and depending on it to keep them informed. This offers 365 days worth of branding that can pay for itself many times over.

Planners are infinitely customizable, from design to materials to content to packaging and much more. They can be tailored fully to meet your brand. Is your brand messaging meant to encourage people? Fill your planner with motivational quotes! Does your brand promote healthy lifestyles? Infuse your planner with healthy recipes! There are an endless number of ways to tie a planner into your brand.


Journals are also another great tool for branding for many similar reasons. Clever design, logo placement, integration of brand messaging, addition of proprietary fabrics or accessories—all of these are ways to keep your brand in front of your customers. Journals are an important part of many people's daily lives, and they hold their deepest secrets, thoughts, and internal conversations. Connecting your brand with such an important part of people's lives can build a deeper connection as a trusted partner.


Notepads are sometimes an underestimated product because of their sheer size and availability. Yet, it is a tried and true product that has stood the test of time. Here again, you have the ability to tie your brand to ongoing activity that is important to your customers' days. With thousands of thoughts running through their heads on the regular, something as small and handy as a notepad is a great way to help them stay organized. It is a small subconscious way to remind the consumer of your brand and develop trust for other products you offer.


While the world may have gone digital, e-calendars simply do not feel the same as their printed counterparts. Whether a magnetic refrigerator version or a large flat desk model, calendars are still a hot product. And you can find yourself in customers' lives once again on a daily basis as they look to your fully customizable branded product to direct their days.

The purpose of branded products is to provide a product or resource that improves the lives of your customers and keeps your brand in their view and minds as often as you can. These print products can be wonderful ways to do just that.


If you're ready to create brand-developing products that connect with your customers and enhance your brand, CōDRA is the collaborative partner you need. Contact us here.


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