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How Coffee Table Books Tell a Compelling Story for Donors

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

One of the biggest struggles nonprofit organizations face is how to inform people about their cause while inviting them to join in the mission. Digital media is very helpful in the process, but there are several advantages to quality print products, such as a well designed coffee table book. Here are a few perks coffee table books can offer.

A Tangible Experience

Opening a great book is an immersive experience—the beautiful imagery, the smell of the pages, the feel of the cover in your hands. Your reader engages all of their senses, helping them to connect more deeply to your story. Unlike reading on a phone or a laptop that is rife with opportunity for multiple interruptions and has become so commonplace, you have your reader's undivided attention in an increasingly uncommon way. With their senses fully engaged, what would you like to tell them?

A New Audience

While coffee table books certainly can include written story, they usually major on visual beauty and artistry. Compelling images can communicate even more clearly than words; the old adage is true—a picture is worth a thousand words. Visual storytelling will help you reach those potential donors and partners who may be less inclined to read your story but are drawn to gripping imagery. And when their neighbors and friends come to visit, your donors become not just supporters of your mission, but ambassadors who share your story with others you might never reach.

A New (Old) Way to Educate

Information is available at your fingertips—and your donors'—24/7. It's incredibly easy to simply ask Siri or Google or Alexa and allow your favorite smooth-voiced, British accented AI to educate you about whatever it is you need to know. We've grown accustomed to learning through social media posts and Google searches, moving further and further from older, traditional forms of learning. That gradual move has actually reignited a desire and a certain nostalgia in many to return to a more analog version of learning. Enter your beautiful, compelling coffee table book.

When you focus on the beautiful storytelling elements of a coffee table book, you offer your donors and potential partners a chance to walk with you from start to finish through all the details of your brand's story. And you're creating an opportunity for lasting and future relationships, because the best coffee table books become a mainstay in family's homes. They can last generations and connect others to your mission for years to come.


Partner with CōDRA to design and create the perfect coffee table book and connect your donors to your mission for the long haul. Contact us here.


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