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3 Reasons Print Communications Still Matter for Your Nonprofit

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Just about anything you need—at just about any time—is available at the click of a button, information included. Digital communication certainly carries the lion’s share of the communication load these days. But, though digital communication can deliver quickly and has a number of advantages, there remain a few deficiencies in its use—a few things it cannot deliver that should be important in your communications as a nonprofit. Here is a list of three advantages print communications provide over digital.


There is something special about holding a book in your hand—the texture of a high quality journal page or the soft cover of a book. The tangibility of print pieces delivers a very real sense of ownership in the work your donors invest in. It’s not only a reminder of the mission or means to share stories of impact, it’s a way to connect them in a very real and tangible way to the ongoing work.

Print products engage more of your senses through aesthetic beauty, the sound of turning pages, the feel of spot gloss or leather on the cover, and even the smell of the materials or ink. Until digital scratch-and-sniff technology advances, there is simply no way digital communications can produce the same effect. Maybe someday soon...


Marketing and communications continues to drive toward further and deeper personalization. Advancements in AI and bots have enabled businesses and nonprofits to personalize sales and service processes, and automation has simplified the process of keeping a brand front-of-mind for delighted customers who purchase again and become vocal ambassadors for the brand.

Physical printed products are the OG version of personalization. A beautiful coffee table book or story-filled magazine on a desk or a personal planner on the kitchen table are tangible ways to communicate and build ambassadors for your brand. While your brand is fleshed out through both digital and physical presence, print products in prominent places within your donors’ homes cement a place for your brand in their personal stories and stand as a testament to others who come into their homes of the importance of your organization in their lives.


The human brain is an incredible machine, and it locks away millions of memories . But not all memories are created equal. Print content has proven to be more memorable than digital content, which likely has a lot to do with tangibility—engage more of the senses and heighten the impact. A print product in hand simply increases the ability for your brand—your mission—to stake a claim in the hearts and minds of the donors and investors who will be vital in the accomplishment of your goals.

Certainly, you should utilize all the existing and emerging digital tools at your disposal. The benefits of immediate and continual communication through those means is absolutely undeniable. But do not miss the opportunity to accentuate and enhance your communication for long term impact through physical print communications.


Partner with CōDRA to create the right product and connect your donors to your missions for the long haul. Contact us here.

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