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How NOT to Create a Planner

Create a Planner

  1. Skimp on your files—low-quality files will ruin even the best planner.

  2. Underestimate your vision—creativity helps your product stand out against the competition. Don't hold back on the creative vision for how your product will work.

  3. Tame your designs—just like the functionality, make your

  4. Pass on lay-flat binding—the usefulness of the planner requires the ability to write well. Don't make the mistake of bypassing the lay-flat ability.

  5. Avoid lamination on the cover—planners get tossed around, thrown in bags, and in the path of morning coffee spills. Protect the beauty and durability of your product.

  6. Skip the sample process—you should always hold your product in your hand to see how it will feel for your customers.

  7. Omit feedback from the production team—the more information and transparency in the process, the better the product will be.

  8. Imporpoerly prepare your files —crop and bleed marks are absolutely necessary for any print production. If you leave them out, you’ll lose time in your schedule remaking them, again.

  9. Forget to highlight your brand in the design—customers regularly miss out on incredible brand marketing opportunities by not at least including it in the cover design.

  10. Forget the country of origin mark on the back cover—this is actually required and could cost you a lot of time and money in reprints if forgotten.

The good news? You don't have to make those mistakes...


Ready to create an excellent planner the right way? Contact us here, and let's create something great together.


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