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Problem Solving Product Design for a Bestseller

Calendar Club, the national leading retailer of calendar products came to CōDRA looking for a new product to grow their brand and to address an unexpected growing deficiency with an existing bestseller. Over the years, calendar products have evolved and expanded to include all different kinds of imaginative functions and features, from pockets to frames to stickers to magnets and many other options. Calendar Club was on a mission to develop the next innovation.

One of the most popular products they had been selling was a magnetic calendar that could be placed on a refrigerator in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is often central for families, it made for an ideal location to hang a calendar and keep everyone up-to-date on upcoming events so they'd be on the same page.

But just like many other everyday household items, advances in design and production materials affected kitchen appliances, like a refrigerator. And as stainless steel became more popular for kitchen appliances, a new problem arose, as magnets would not attach to a stainless steel fridge.

As a trusted partner, Codra began the process of research and development and was able to find the perfect answer to this new and growing problem. Similar to a sticky note, the solution was an adhesive backing that would allow a calendar to adhere to a stainless steel fridge. The best part, however, was that it was also removable and could be reattached, retaining the functionality of the magnetic calendar.

Collaborating with client, the new product was named Magic Grip Calendar. The variety of design and size choices paired with the functionality of the calendar have driven its popularity, and it has become a best seller for Calendar Club once again.


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