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Creating Kids' Products? Make Sure You Include These...

Printed Kids' Products Sticker

The kids' market is a crowded one. So a lot of buyers are loyal to brands who can meet all of their needs. Here are 5 items you need if you plan to develop a kids collection:

Flash Cards

Flash cards offer so much creativity, flexibility, and opportunity when it comes to content. The only limiting factor is what information you want kids to know. Designed creativity on one side and useful information on the other—the potential is unlimited (as is the opportunity to further your brand reach through helpful tools).

Tech specs—for cards flash cars that last, we recommend using 250 + GSM paper with coating on both sides, creating a smooth surface and keeping the cards free from stains and tears.

Coloring Books

Coloring books have been a staple in kids education and entertainment for a long time, and for very good reason. They're here to stay. The good news is that they are both relatively simple to design and can be inexpensive to create. And they're a wonderful way to communicate/expand your brand story.

Tech specs—120 GSM wood-free paper is easy to print on and holds color well. Pair with a perfect (glue) binding and you’ve got an instant hit.

Highlighters & Markers

Kids love color, and color can spur creativity and imagination. Highlighters and markers are a fantastic way to spark their creativity and incorporate your branding. Utilize your signature colors and/or print your logo on the pen body and cap. These products are also easy add ons to bundle with other items.

Picture Books

In the US, over 10,000 babies are born every day. Even with the proliferation of digital tools for capturing, editing, and storing images, physical picture books have not lost their popularity. They are, in fact, an evergreen staple in the market. Create some nice options, even customizable, and you can develop customer loyalty for life.

Tech specs—These books are typically made with greyboards that are glued together, very functional and easy to use. Lamination protects the pages for long-lasting products.


Commonly used as a reward or motivator, stickers are fun for any age (adults included), and the options are nearly endless. Have a logo or mascot or quotable motto for your business? Stickers could be a great way to communicate your story to all ages in a very fun and interesting way.

Tech specs—Wood-free paper with matte lamination is standard when creating stickers. If you prefer a thicker and smoother product, 300 GSM C2S—more of a thick art-style card—might be your best bet. If your designs are really interesting with negative space, clear PET sticker paper is also a noteworthy choice, so the design could change according to the color of the surface to which is is applied.

All in all, printed kids products are an easy way to add volume to your inventory, expand your brand, and deepen brand loyalty. Even if your market is not specifically child-related, your users with children might be interested in those products that keep their children in mind (and you could begin building brand loyalty in the next generation of consumers).


Ready to build a relationship with a collaborative partner to create wonderful childrens' products to please your customers and enhance your brand? Contact us here, and let's create something great together.


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