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Don't Wait Until After Crowdfunding Begins to Find the Right Production Partner

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Crowdfunding Production Partner

Editor’s Note: This article is the second in our series on creating successful crowdfunding campaigns. You can find the first article here.

“Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”

This mantra—or some version of it—has been shaping attitudes and activities for years, from the military to business to parents urging their children to work hard in school. And it has had staying power for a reason—it’s true. Crowdfunding campaigns are another place where the truth of the statement proves itself true.

These campaigns can be very exciting, but there is a lot to address to ensure they run smoothly. Beginning your campaign on the right foot—with a detailed plan—can help create the greatest opportunity for future success.

A Place to Begin

When your campaign includes a printed or manufactured product, whether as the goal or as a reward for investment, your printer or manufacturer can—or even should—be your greatest ally. They can help you review all your options, understand production terms, and even help you build your product’s image and brand before it ever goes live.

An experienced partner will not only understand the production, but also the industry and specific product well. Here are a few specific ways you can use your printer or manufacturer as a key resource in creating a successful product and campaign.

  1. Great production partners can help shape your product and your project.

Understanding the industry you are working in, growing trends, and burgeoning markets will help you shape your campaign. Partnering with a production expert with years of experience in the market will give you a boost. Not only should they understand how to have products made, but also how they fit in the market, existing gaps in the market, or ways to make your product stand out against the competition.

2. Great production partners will help you plan and execute every goal within a prescribed timeline and with excellence.

Mass production and printing requires numerous moving parts, and so many of them tend to move simultaneously. A partner that can guide you through the entire process—language barriers, time zones, cultural variances, tariffs, shipping timelines and delays—is invaluable, allowing you to focus on other important elements of the campaign. These hurdles can cripple an unprepared creator, but an all-in production partner can help you see and prepare for them before they appear or help you avoid them altogether.

3. Great production partners help you present your product in compelling ways.

Strong visual elements like stunning photographs and videos are a crucial element to any crowdfunding campaign and can only be achieved with a high-quality sample of the product. Assuring that your sample product is consistent with the quality and elements of your full run shows consistency to your supporters and boosts confidence in the end goal.

Success in a crowdfunding campaign requires a creative idea and excellence in execution. While the first part of that equation lies in your court, the second is fueled through the assistance of a proven, thoughtful production partner. Don’t jump into your campaign alone; find the partner that can help you drive your goals to success.


Partner with CōDRA to create the right product and execute an excellent crowdfunding campaign. Contact us here.

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