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Why Your University Still Needs Print Products

The move to digital formats for study purposes is not a new phenomenon. But the last couple of years have certainly fueled the move, as post-pandemic learning is available almost completely online. The pros and cons of online learning are discussed ad nauseum in all sorts of venues, and everyone has their own opinions and preferences. That begs the question, then, why would we still make print products? There are a few reasons...

Print Helps You Study Better

According to an article from Forbes, printed products help your brain retain more information. When you see something on paper, it literally takes up more room in your spatial memory. In other words your brain sees the information and says, “that’s real” more so than it would seeing the information on a screen. While digital textbooks may have the appeal of being easier to transport, your brain prefers a printed textbook even if your arms and backpack do not.

Keeps Everyone Organized and on the Same Page

Printing does not have to be limited to textbooks. Planners are a huge help for students taking multiple lectures and classes. Certainly, digital tools are useful to keep people on schedule, but how many students have missed information because they didn’t see it online or they missed a notification in the portal.

Planners are also a great tool to provide include some history of the school or other reminders about the place students have chosen to undertake their studies in a location where they'll see it regularly. And they can provide important information about class details that students will be sure not to miss.


Students love to support and share about their school experience. Calendars, planners, and other print products are the perfect way to do that. Useful tools and gifts printed with your university's branding are an incredible way to create brand ambassadors of all of your students. Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of these tools for your university and your students.


Ready to create the product to please your customers and enhance your brand? Contact us here, and let's create something great together.

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