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Only the best products become family heirlooms to be passed from one generation to the next. 

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DaySpring, the industry leader in Christian greeting cards understands that and came to CōDRA to collaborate on just such a product. Desiring to expand into the fairly new Bible journaling market, they envisioned mothers and grandmothers passing on beautiful, meaningful family Bibles to their daughters and granddaughters.


They wanted to ensure they created a Bible with enough space for note-taking, drawing, and inspirational messages in the margins, and custom, in order to stand apart from other journaling Bibles.

CōDRA began detailing the myriad questions to be answered, from finding the right binding method for such high page count to choosing the correct type of paper—thick enough for writing and drawing while avoiding smudges— to identifying the perfect cover materials to last for generations but also look beautiful. 

Several rounds of mock-ups with various materials led to a wonderful Bible, but it still needed the right packaging to keep it safe and enhance its beauty, as well. So we developed a custom box to match the beauty and durability of the Bible itself and offer their customers a great unboxing experience.


As the design process came to a close, we sourced the necessary materials and chose the best offshore printer for the project, managed the production process, and delivered an exquisite product that helped DaySpring extend their brand.


Collaborate on your design.

Create a premium solution.

Enhance your brand.

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