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The Bible Museum

400 year anniversaries are rare. Celebrating them is a must. Especially when it's a Bible

The Bible is the most printed book in the world. And the 1611 King James Bible, one of the most famous Bible translations, has has been in print for more than 400 years. When the 400 year mark rolled around, The Bible Museum in Goodyear, AZ commissioned a replica of the original 1611 King James Bible in celebration. And CōDRA was trusted with its production. 


The greatest challenge with this product was the sheer size of the Bible, because the original King James Bible used very thick paper and boasted a weighty, durable cover for protection. The total weight of the replica Bible would be approximately 30 pounds.


Museum leadership wanted a leather material that could be embossed with a specialized image on the front cover. Additionally, the cover would include artisan sculpted hubs on the spine. Gold foil stamping would garnish the cover as a decorative element to add to its beauty.


Secondarily, sourcing the right type of paper to simulate the paper used in the original version 400 years prior wasn't simple. After testing several types, we were able to source a thick paper stock with an embossed pattern that simulated the paper used in the past.


The client also requested a special slipcase to protect the Bible so it could be passed down to future generations. We sourced a thick, durable board to construct a durable enough cover to handle a 30 pound Bible. Similar genuine leather material was used to wrap the case and match the Anniversary Bible.


In the end, the Bible Museum was able to create a magnificent Anniversary Bible that represented the elegance, style, and beauty of the original 1611 King James Bible, and it continues to be a consistent seller for them to this day.


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